For the love of all that’s salty and nutritious


We cultivate our oysters with pride, and it shows. Whether you're a newbie trying your first oyster or a seasoned oyster lover, we’re pretty confident you’ll love them and keep coming back for more.


These beauties mature slowly over 4 to 6 years in Souris River. Recognized for their unique bright green shells, they have a dynamic flavour profile that combines a salty vegetal taste with a buttery finish that lingers on the palate. They’re grown on the hard, sandy bottom for their entire life where they are naturally tumbled by the tide, which gives them deep cups and heavy shells.



Named after the area they are grown in near the head of Souris River, these oysters have a crisp, briny flavour profile with a soft, sweet finish. They are raised in floating cages on the surface and mature in 3-4 years. Although grown in close proximity to the Sand Dunes, they take on a completely different flavour profile and have a blonde shell colour due to their growing method and the different nutrients at the surface of the water column.